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100% Italian Oil

Enzo Gambin - Manager - A.I.P.O. Verona
We are located on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda in Torri Del Benaco in an area particularly favourable from a climatic and pedological point of view to the cultivation of the olive tree here the olive tree was already present in the first century BC and has developed on thisarea a particular olive ecotype, the Casaliva and on this Casaliva was based a local economy.

Think that where we are now, already since the 5th century here there was a transhumance activity, here the shepherds who came with their flocks of sheep and goats from the plain, and went from here to Monte Baldo, a particularly favorable area, where they found coagulars to feed their herds, and the olive tree had a dual aptitude, to feed the people who lived in this area who also put to conserve the fish of Lake Di Garda, it was also a commodity of exchange with these shepherds who transferred cheese, animals and meat in exchange for Oil, a particularly important economic activity that is still part of a Gardesana culture.

100% Italian extra virgin olive oil

Our 100% extra virgin olive oil stands out for
  • its delicate taste
  • its persistent and pleasant flavour
The product represents our pride for its remarkable organoleptic characteristics