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Chef Di Iorio and A.I.P.O. at the Le Prandine Shop

Chef Di Iorio and A.I.P.O. at the Le Prandine Shop

In this Workshop, with guests Executive Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio, brand Ambassador of Le Prandine, and the two AIPO representatives Antonio Volani and Roberta Ruggeri, a tasting is demonstrated through the official procedure of the national tasting panels, with the aim of highlighting the properties organoleptic characteristics of our 3 extra virgin olive oils, through the knowledge of some of the most competent people in the oil-food sector. The precious presence of Chef Di Iorio adds value to the important topic on which we want to leverage: the oil-food pairing.

Our commitment to good food education and the choice of the right EVO oil is summarized in this video. Raising awareness of the choice of olive oil refers to one of our core values, the health and well-being of the person. A quality EVO oil is very important for health, and is the representative element of a self-respecting Mediterranean diet. We have involved 3 competent actors of Cooking and EVO Oil to create a portfolio of guidelines in order to best recommend the use of olive oil. Aware of the fact that in the face of personal tastes everything is to be considered relative, following some basic criteria we can move consciously in the choice of combinations to best enhance the raw material of our dishes.

The theme Oil-Food Pairing

The theme Oil-Food Pairing
With the premise that a combination cannot be absolutized, and this is not dictated by strict rules, since personal taste intervenes, or exceptions to the rule, there are some typical schemes to refer to to help the EVO oil not lose a consistent percentage of its characteristic organoleptic notes.
As also specified by the demonstration, the fruity sensations that are felt on the nose can be light, of medium intensity or intense. And it is precisely on this aspect that the most appropriate combinations can be identified.

1. For example, with foods with a light, sweet, not very intense structure, the oil indicated is a light, soft and delicate fruity one, with a slight spiciness and bitterness. Here the cooking of the food must preserve the raw materials, and must therefore be simple. In our case we consider the GOLDEN DREAM.

2. With medium-structured foods, with more pronounced aromas, it is necessary to use oils that tend to be more full-bodied, medium-fruity, but in any case harmonic, well-balanced, round, with a fresh scent, such as our LIBRA for example. Here the type of cooking can be more incisive, but never overdo it.

3. Finally, with foods with a more robust structure, and with clearer and more marked, spicy aromas, oils with a more intense fruity and powerful taste, with rather marked bitterness and pungency, again always harmonious, such as our LE PRANDINE GARDA DOP.

However, it must be repeated that the advice provided are purely indicative, and cannot be taken literally in any case, since each oil, especially if complex and rich in personality, may not even fall within one of the indications given.
Chef Di Iorio and A.I.P.O. at the Le Prandine Shop
In this interesting speech, Roberta Ruggeri, in the role of her project "La Cucina di Roberta all'Olio Extravergine" explains the importance of the correct combination of oil and food through the tasting and the organoleptic description of the EVO oil. Antonio Volani as an AIPO agronomist explains to us the importance of the territory and of innovative techniques in the success of a quality EVO oil, with a vertical on the production processes.
All this through the support of those who use extra virgin olive oil every day for the preparation of gourmet and refined dishes. Chef Di Iorio exploits his raw materials to their full potential, and it is interesting to understand how extra virgin olive oil is used in a molecular cuisine, the protagonist food.
Giuseppe Di Iorio - Executive Chef - Ristorante Aroma
Hello, I am Giuseppe Di Iorio, Executive Chef of the Aroma restaurant in Rome. In a few days, I will be opening a new terrace and rooftop at the Rhinoceros Restaurant, a beautiful location on the rooftops of Rome. I have the most beautiful job in the world, as it has given me the opportunity to travel the world and achieve accomplishments and results that have allowed me to grow both as a person and as a professional.
The new Rooftop restaurant at Rhinoceros will feature a special ingredient, Garda oil, thanks to this wonderful landscape, the goodness of the oil, and especially thanks to Giovanni, who introduced me to it.
When we talk about oil, we are discussing a fundamental ingredient for our cuisine, a part of the Mediterranean diet, a part of our daily needs – a product that the whole world envies us for. The uniqueness that always makes me smile is that each region has a particular oil, whether it's more intense, more fruity, or spicier. For a chef, this allows us to express our talent best on the dishes we present to our diners.
The choice of Le Prandine oil, in this case, specifically from Garda, is because it aligns well with my cooking philosophy. It is an oil that enriches and enhances my dishes, marrying well with them. This is because it has a low acidity content, the right level of spiciness, and I find it slightly fruity.
Today, the use of oil in both cooking and especially in pastry must be versatile. In this case, it works well both raw and cooked, for both cooking and preserving foods, and most importantly, to bring out their maximum expression once cooked, maintaining all their sensory properties, freshness, and flavors.
Oil in pastry has become an important ingredient, especially because it has replaced butter, which is the fattiest part. Making a sponge cake or puff pastry with oil allows us to achieve a softer and more delicate result. Butter at 4 degrees Celsius is already solid in the refrigerator, while oil at 4 degrees Celsius is still at its best.