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Coming Soon: Le Prandine is getting bigger

Coming Soon: Le Prandine is getting bigger

Le Prandine has been able to demonstrate over the years its mastery in enhancing local products: for this reason, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has obtained the Protected Designation of Origin (also called DOP) and enjoys an excellent reputation in Italy and abroad.

Le Prandine feels the calling to bring our Brand Identity - characterized by care and respect for nature and by the ethical role of man in the "Circular Economy" - into a new sector: Cosmetics. Through the wise use of our Le Prandine Extra Virgin Olive Oil, essential oils for natural and valuable fragrances and certified Organic Natural Ingredients, Le Prandine will present two new cosmetic lines aimed at all ages. In addition to being 100% Made in Italy, our products will exploit the effectiveness of natural ingredients without contamination and will be totally Cruelty Free.

Soon new updates. 
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