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Le Prandine and ArcheMythos

Le Prandine Philosophy

Le Prandine Philosophy
Body wellness: this is the philosophy that has always been at the basis of Le Prandine's decisions. In our Extra Virgin Olive Oil the millenary mastery in the cultivation and processing of olives is expertly preserved, and in particular of the ecotype that developed on Lake Garda, the Casaliva.

This tradition has also been handed down by virtue of the numerous properties that Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings to the body: it's, in fact, a panacea for the cardiovascular system, but also for the bones and skin. In addition to an inner physical well-being, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Le Prandine will also be used in a cosmetic perspective, with the aim of exploiting all the beneficial properties of the mother product, making the skin velvety, soft and healthy through two lines Le Prandine certified cosmetics.

For these reasons, Le Prandine will have the honor of being the spokesperson for these values on the occasion of the ArcheMythos event in Mantua, an evocative show in which the relationship that Man has always had with Nature and the Archetypes will be celebrated, a relationship that it materialized - not surprisingly - in the imagination of divinities who integrate with Nature and Man, modifying the course of Destiny itself, as happened with Ovid's Metamorphoses.

Thanks to the direction of Federica Restani and the choreography of Chiara Olivieri, thirty performers will perform at Palazzo Te, an evocative place that gathers the Human Spirit of centuries of history and the richness of Nature, two elements that Le Prandine has always tried to enclose in its products.

The show will be held at Palazzo Te in Mantua on Thursday 29 September 2022 in two shifts: at 20.00 and at 21.30.

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