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Le Prandine and ARS ArcheMythos

Thursday 29 September in the amazing setting of Palazzo Te, Le Prandine and Siglacom Club, in collaboration with Ars Creazione e Spettacolo and COD Danza, participated in ArcheMythos. Relive the Event with us.
Micaela Rossi - Head of Institutional Relations at the Palazzo Te Foundation
Tonight's show is a wonderful opportunity for us, we are very happy to host Ars Creation Spettacolo at Palazzo Te. For many years now we have been able to say that there is a liveliness inside Palazzo Te which is not only a museum to visit but it is also a museum to experience, therefore theatrical dance performances like these are a joy for us, because we can experience the museum through different cultural performative activities.
We are happy to have Le Prandine with us as a partner of this event because supporting cultural events and having a union between private individuals and events is always very important.

Giovanni Morselli - Founder - CEO Le Prandine
It was an honor and a great satisfaction for us to be able to support an artistic performance of great impact and emotion; perfect union with the Palazzo Te location in Mantua which with its magnificence certainly contributed to the outcome of an absolutely impactful and high quality performance. Concepts which also guide our daily work and which are the basis for obtaining the results we refer to every day in our activity, both for the production of the oil and for the entire project we are developing at the Prandine.
Federica Restani - Art Director ARS Creation and Entertainment
ArcheMythos is a show inspired by Palazzo Te, which stages the major archetypes present within this marvelous structure. It's a celebration of the man, it's the hero's journey to consciousness.
Le Prandine is a wonderful Garden of Eden located on the Garda hills, the products are linked to the essence of the earth and bring back the concept of beauty, hence the union between our show and Le Prandine. Elements of nature that are found inside this Palace and inside the ancestral myths that we are going to tell.