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Le Prandine DOP Oil

Le Prandine Extra Virgin Olive Oil: DOP

Le Prandine Extra Virgin Olive Oil: DOP
The Protected Designation of Origin guarantees a product of great value. The quality of our DOP is one of the most renowned and sought after extra virgin olive oils in the world, because it is produced exclusively with certified and controlled olives from the area, in this case, monocultivar which enhances the Casaliva variety.

In order to be labeled as DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), it must adhere to strictly controlled requirements that must take place in a delimited geographical area, in this case Lake Garda, through strict production rules, established in the production specification.
Le Prandine DOP Oil

Compared to our 100% Italian, the intensity increases. It is a green fruity, with a herbaceous scent, the green, young olive. You can feel the fruit of the fresh olive in terms of taste, the intensity of the bitterness rises, and the spiciness, resulting in more body than the bland we offer in the 100% Italian.

From the analysis made in association, from a chemical point of view it has a low acidity and a presence of peroxides contained even several months after production. This happens thanks to the dark bottle storage method, which protects it from sources of
heat and oxygen.
There is also an important content of fatty acids, including oleic acid in high quantities, which allows us to certify the product as excellent.

The fruity is "green", of high intensity, which immediately categorizes it as an extra virgin olive oil with fresh and young notes.
Organoleptic analysis is defined as sensory as it literally involves a journey through the 5 senses. Recognizable notes are therefore perceived in different ways. Let's get into our DOP Le Prandine:
  • Visual notes: of a beautiful light green color, bright and clear.
  • Olfactory notes: complex, intense fruity, with hints of green almond, green coffee, vegetable, artichoke leaf, exotic fruit.
  • Tasting notes: the bitter and spicy stand out, but both balanced overall.
  • Tactile notes: enveloping, fine, slightly oily

The verified parameters have the values in compliance with the requirements for:


Fruity or medium fruity
Fruity type: Green X Mature 0
Bitter: Bitter or light bitter
Spicy: Spicy or medium spicy
Dessert: NO
Balanced: YES
Defects: NO

We can safely use it in cooking (less than 80 degrees), without stressing it too much. But above all it is perfect for food preservation, as it maintains all its organoleptic properties and enhances them at lower temperatures.
Technical tests show that the more intensely fruity oil, in addition to maintaining cooking better, releases particles more slowly during storage, and therefore enriches the dish to its maximum potential.
DOP oil was created to enhance our dishes in the best possible way, since not all types of oil are good for cooking. The extra virgin olive oil from our area has been tried by several chefs, and described as an oil that goes well with refined and sophisticated cuisine, as it is an oil that does not alter the flavours, but accompanies them towards an experience. "This is the beauty of cooking: to accompany, to remember what we have lived, to project ourselves towards fantastic experiences" - Chef Di Iorio - our testimonial


The origin must be declared on the label, therefore, the symbol of the precise and geolocalized DOP, the symbol of the European community, which has protected this denomination and the numbering of the bottle. Through the numbering we are also able to have the traceability of the supply chain, and therefore to understand exactly where the particular product comes from. These two aspects connect the product to the territory.
Therefore, as for the recognition of an Italian DOP oil, there is a need to pay attention to three aspects:
  1. The label: Producers are required to indicate the European PDO symbol.
  2. The price: a PDO extra virgin olive oil starts at €12 per litre. The one that costs less, could with no small probability another type of oil.
  3. Sensory Evaluation: DOP oil has a more or less intense green to yellow colour, but above all with a medium or light fruity aroma. The Extra Virgin DOP oil is then presented with high clarity, in the mouth with a balanced character. On an aromatic level it is absolutely free from defects, mainly characterized by the aromas of olives and the vegetable complex: fresh vegetable, balsamic, then followed by dried fruit, exotic fruit, fruitiness, citrus and light spicy notes.
in our voice, in our choir,
  with powerful intimate meekness you sing:
you are Castilian sound: you have oil syllables, you have words
useful and fragrant like your fragrant essence. 
 (Pablo Neruda)