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Le Prandine In Oil

Le Prandine In Oil: Products in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Le Prandine has used every last drop of its precious Garda extra virgin olive oil, and has combined it with carefully selected top quality ingredients, thus giving life to a line of pickles to be discovered, able to offer a gastronomic experience worthy of note, and an immersion in the colours, scents and sensations of the world of vegetables.

From the colorful mind of Ivo Canepa, the new Sottoli proposals are born. The apparent simplicity with which our vegetables are presented is made to exalt the senses, the vivid colors and the real flavor of the ingredients. Giving away a table ritual, minimal in the image, but lively in the soul.

A line suitable for all palate needs, which uses ingredients of the highest quality. 100% Italian and Mediterranean vegetables, and our precious extra virgin olive oil. The products in oil celebrate the essence and harmony of the fruits of the earth, and offer a rich and memorable multi-sensory experience.

In Oil Products

Le Prandine in Oil ProductsLe Prandine in Oil Products

Key Ingredients

Each Le Prandine product in oil contains ingredients selected according to specific criteria.

All products include:
  • Le Prandine Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Top quality vegetables and spices
  • Accurate cooking recipe

Each product of the Sottoli line has an identifying characteristic, designed for
the internal product and the tactile sensation stand out to the eye, very similar to what one would perceive if the vegetable in the boxes was touched immediately after being harvested.

The physical element of the “square jar” is the element we are talking about. Thanks to the close collaboration we have with the creation laboratory, we have managed to offer the customer a more complete and immersive sensory experience. The shape of the jars is unique and different.