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Le Prandine - Le Prandine Olive Oil and Cosmetic Summer Cup

Giovanni Morselli - CEO / Founder - Le Prandine
Today we played on the Folgaria Golf Club; it was a very pleasant event, for the camp, for the day and for the weather that assisted us; there was a large presence, we had fun and took advantage of this wonderful setting to present our Cosmetic Line, which is characterized by its naturalness and its proximity to places that are absolutely remarkable.
Arianna Andrews - Cosmetic Line Consultant - Le Prandine
We are here today to present the Prandine Cosmetic Line; realize through a new line of products what is the original idea of the Company, that is to give value to the beauty and nature of the territory.
In fact, the Cosmetic Line, which has 10 products, 7 for adults and 3 for children, enhances the plants, flowers and fragrances typical of the territory; therefore the Le Prandine estate gave direct inspiration to the products that are part of the Cosmetic Line.

Daniele Binda - General Manager - Golf Club Folgaria
Super day today at the Folgaria Golf Club, because in addition to there being a super Sponsor here among us there is above all a beautiful day; the sun finally arrived, after 40 days of rain, we had to wait for this Sponsor and this beautiful day to celebrate the winners of today's race.
Race sponsored, as I said, by Le Prandine Oil & Cosmetic, a brand that has come to Folgaria for the first time, therefore for the first time combined with our mountain Golf Club of Folgaria, which is an 18-hole course located here on the Cimbrian plateaus; so above all we thank the Sponsor, we thank all 90 participants for today.

Luigi Rossi - Player
A fantastic day, we thank Gianni Morselli for hosting us here in Folgaria; You really can't get more than that!
We'll see each other again in October, in Arzaga, and then next year here again and we'll start this Golf and Gastronomic Tour again, which is an exceptional thing.

Giovanni Morselli - CEO / Founder - Le Prandine
For us it was a great satisfaction, we thank Daniele and all the staff of the Golf Club, we thank Siglacom for organizing the event and we hope to be able to repeat it, with the same outcome next year.

Le Prandine Olive Oil and Cosmetic Summer Cup

18 Hole Stableford Competition - 3 Categories.
Sunday 18th June 2023 at the Folgaria Golf Club (Località Costa) - Maso Spilzi in Folgaria, Trento.

Le Prandine Olive Oil and Cosmetic Summer Cup

Le Prandine Olive Oil and Cosmetic Summer Cup

"Stableford" competition on an "18 hole" course
The duration is 1 lap of the route


  • Arrival at the Folgaria Golf Club from 11:00 am
  • The start of the race is approximately between 11.30 and 12.00
  • Around 5.30pm cocktails and awards ceremony


  • First place in each category
  • Second place in each category
  • Third place in each category
  • Special prizes / draws
Località Costa - Maso Spilzi
38064 Folgaria, Trento

The plateaus are a natural gym, ideal for any sporting discipline that prefers open spaces. The golf course is the flagship of the plateaus of Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna, a small pearl nestled in the greenery.

Located in the splendid Costa basin at 1,200 meters above sea level, it is an eighteen-hole course, par 72 for a total length of 5,457 meters. The route is flanked by a promenade, which leads to the well-known Ecchen biotope.

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