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Le Prandine Sauce

Le Prandine Sauce

Le Prandine Sauce ProductsLe Prandine Sauce Products

Born to value and exalting our Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s taste, Le Prandine sauce are the ideal condiment to all that practice an aware cooking, are made with natural ingredients, selected, choose with care between the better raw material of the high quality. Sauces are perfect to complain about pasta, boiled meat, but their versatility can be combined easily to any dish, both fish and meat, or for vegan and vegetarian cuisine, to the fantasy and the taste to all of us. 
There were six delicious variations, every single one has a taste and shade of color that is its characteristic.

From the colorful but precious Ivo Canepa’ s mind born the proposals for Sauces Le Prandine. The apparent simplicity with which tomato and vegetable sauces are presented, hides a noteworthy sensoriality experience. Le Prandine Extra Virgin Olive Oil, combined with certain ingredients, is highlighted, lighting up its taste. The ingredient’s vivid colors and the taste do their part, giving a table ritual really tasty.
A line for all kinds of need’s palates that use very high quality ingredients. Vegetables 100% italian, mediterranean and our precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Sauces celebrate the essential e the harmony to the soil’s fruits given by a multi-sensoriality experience rich e memorable.


Le Prandine Sauce ProductsLe Prandine Sauce Products


Every sauce inside contains selected ingredients according to specific criteria. Infect all product predict:

  • Le Prandine Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Top quality vegetables and spices
  • Accurate cooking recipe

Every product of the sauce line has an identifying characteristic, thought to highlight the internal product and the tactile sensation, the element that we’re talking about is “square jar”. Thanks to the close collaboration that we have with the creation laboratory we can offer to the client a completely sensoriality experience and immersive.

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