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Le Prandine Shop Inauguration in Torri del Benaco

Le Prandine inaugurated its first shop on Saturday 1st April 2023 in the heart of Torri del Benaco, in Via Cesare Battisti 14.
Oil and gastronomy experts illustrated the life attitude of Le Prandine with its company and its products.
For the occasion of the Le Prandine Shop inauguration , a performance came to life that was an experience of beauty.
Through the attractive and flexible bodies of two dancers and an acrobat, nature was brought to inhabit the street leading to the store, introducing it into the rooms in a precious manifestation of scenic action.
The street was populated by the voice and sounds of nature in a poetic sound path that accompanied the entire day.
The physical score alternated with poetic compositions, from Ovid to Virgil to contemporaries, which spoke of land, olive trees, nature and beauty.
The idea took shape in a poetic and elegant immersion, in the exclusive world of Le Prandine.

Event organized in partnership with:

Giovanni Morselli - Founder / CEO - Le Prandine
Today we inaugurate our first shop in Torri del Benaco, in via Cesare Battisti.
In it we offer all the products that arise from our project that started a few years ago with the recovery of olive trees in the Torri del Benaco area.
The latter was our first production and then moved on to the development of the project for cosmetic products and products in oil.
The physical store is the synthesis of all this work and joins the online sale that we have been promoting for some time now.

Luigi Franchi - Managing Director - Sala&Cucina
Torri del Benaco is maybe in the most beautiful area of Lake Garda: the Veronese shore; the one where the olive tree is the master. Here the olive grove that dominates is called Le Prandine.
Giovanni Morselli, in this case, is not only an entrepreneur, but he is more of a patron of the arts, because making the landscape beautiful does not pay off economically.
A shop of his oils in the center of Torri del Benaco will also become an engine of tourism development that makes Italy the most beautiful country in the world.

Stefano Nicotra - Municipality Mayor - Torri Del Benaco
Oil boutique where it brings culture and tradition of our products.
The Le Prandine farm is a new reality, unique today in our area, because it was born from a tradition of the Giacometti family. Morselli Giovanni has culture and a good heart for the environment. It has now taken this reality into its own hands and brought it into daily life.
Culture, tradition, history, but true reality.

Luigi Caricato - Oleologist - Oilioofficina
Being in Torri del Benaco and visiting the Le Prandine shop is something very important and significant, because the local oil must be celebrated in the area.
A big thank you to Giovanni Morselli, because he will surely be a pioneer in this path and others will follow; in such a way that there is truly a great valorisation of the Garda DOP oil.

Orietta Pavan - Tasting Panel Head - A.I.P.O.
I am the company's agronomist, therefore the professional figure who follows the olive grove in its seasonal rhythms.
The techniques we use are innovative techniques, but which above all aim at respecting the environment within the scope of the contents of the company's mission, which is beauty.

Martina Orlando - Marketing Manager - Le Prandine
I thank Giovanni Morselli for giving me the opportunity to communicate such a delicate product as Le Prandine extra virgin olive oil and for giving me the opportunity to manage the inauguration of this store which will act as a glue between an offline reality and an online reality that already existed.
We hope that Le Prandine Shop will become a point of reference not only for locals, but also for tourists who will certainly benefit from excellent products from Lake Garda.

Giorgia Giacometti - Store Manager - Le Prandine
We have finally inaugurated the Torri del Benaco shop. The shop mainly sells oil from the territory of the Le Prandine farm.
In addition to oil we have cosmetics, always based on oil, and pickles produced with local oil.
We will have the opportunity to create tasting itineraries to teach what Garda oil is.
The cosmetics cover a wide range of products: from skincare to shower gel and hand soap.
We also have a children's line.