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About us

Giovanni Morselli - Founder & CEO - Le Prandine
The Le Prandine project was born from the idea of recovering and enhancing historic olive groves in the area of Torri Del Benaco, historic olive groves that, if carefully cared for and cultivated, can produce oil of the highest quality.
The commitment we have put in these years and what we will deepen in the following years will always be aimed at enhancing quality, through respect for the territory and through cultivation techniques that arise from tradition and therefore start from a deep respect for the nature of the plant and a deep respect for the fruit that the plant produces.
It aims at obtaining the best possible oil.
Enzo Gambin - Manager - A.I.P.O. Verona
We are located on the Veronese shore of Lake Di Garda in Torri Del Benaco in an area particularly favourable from a climatic and pedological point of view to the cultivation of the olive tree here the olive tree was already present in the first century BC and has developed on thisarea a particular olive ecotype, the Casaliva and on this Casaliva was based a local economy.
Antonio Volani - Technical consultant - A.I.P.O.
Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil Le Prandine has unique organoleptic characteristics in the world given precisely by the main truth, Casaliva from a sensory point of view we have a part of fruity that goes from light to medium with herbaceous aromatic sensations and green almond; to the taste we then find a bitter and spicy sensation well balanced, so Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil Le Prandine has a unique balance in the world that can be combined with many dishes of Italian cuisine and tradition..

Extra virgin olive oil

Le Prandine extra virgin olive oil represents the territorial excellence of Lake Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Our products derive solely from the production of our olive grove located in Torri del Benaco in the town of the same name called Le Prandine overlooking Lake Garda where it benefits from the beneficial inflows offered by the lake itself.

Le Prandine offers three excellences of extra virgin olive oil:
  • Extra virgin olive oil, filtered
  • Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil, uinfiltered.
All the productions derive only from the milling of selected olives of first quality in limited circulation that does not exceed 2500 litres/year so as to guarantee a product of the highest quality with unique and exclusive characteristics.