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Lines Values


Our  mission is to propose a high craftsmanship and of the first excellence product. A product can be catchin our precious Olive Oil’s  powerful active ingredients and skillfully combining them with those of other selected ingredients.

“Craftsmanship” means for us care and attention to all production phases. Our in oils are product handcraft by a selected laboratory with dedication and with our line values.


We develop and produce our products in Italy, using 100% Italian ingredients mixed by gastronomic experts and food consultants, following and often amplifying the concept of Made in Italy with pride.


We produce only high quality products and for this we select only the best ingredients and excellent providers. We follow the innovative productive process and we respect strict production protocols. We voluntarily pursue targets with high quality standards to reach and offer  excellence. Thanks to strict collaboration with the production laboratory  La Madre Terra, we can affirm our genuineness and authenticity.


We have chosen to let the course of nature flow as much as possible in our cultivation, avoiding stressing the plants and using intensive fertilizations.
Isn’t this the way the earth thanks us by giving the best fruits? Without intensive cultivation or soils exploited by large industry, we have select suppliers and collaborators who are passionate and respectful of the man/nature balance. Our products are the result of a productive process in harmony with the world.


We prefer to change the word sustainability, widely used these days, with the term responsibility. A principle that takes us back to different types of ecosystems in which a process of re-elaboreìation of natural, energy and human resources takes place. The products' processes not invasive are now essential for a business like ours. In fact, the next level was the collaboration with the social cooperative La Fraternità di Rimini, which speaks for itself of sensitivity towards the most important responsibility of these times, the human one, which concerns the souls of People.

We believe that environmental balance must be respected and protected, for this reason, both in the production of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and in the production of our sauces, we aim for a circular and completely sustainable economy, therefore purchasing in terms of quality and effectiveness. All products are realized and certificated in accredited external laboratories. We scrupulously follow all the most up-to-date protocols on the subject, to guarantee respectful recipes and creations.

A balanced mix of precious quality ingredients, expertly combined and chosen, which synergistically orbit around a unique precious gem: our Oil.

Lines Values

“Excellent quality, precious ingredients, bright colors and scents. For a very italian table ritual, to inebriate the senses.”

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