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L'Uovo di Tortora

Easter Goodness - Tortora Egg

Precious Easter surprises! In a limited exclusive, an excellence signed by Andrea Tortora Patissier.
Come and discover the sweet secret of Easter with our exclusive extra virgin olive oil leavened product. We present to you the delicious "Dove Egg"! Celebrate with taste and tradition thanks to the combination of Le Prandine and the renowned Andrea Tortora Patissier brand.

Tortora Egg: a unique taste to discover! Let yourself be tempted by the soft consistency and enveloping flavor of this authentic culinary masterpiece, enriched with Le Prandine extra virgin olive oil, apricot and mandarin. The perfect meeting between tradition and innovation that will make your Easter inimitable!

And it doesn't end here!

On the occasion of the Easter holidays, enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on all the extra virgin olive oil in our assortment with the Promo Code PASQUA15. Don't miss the opportunity to embellish your party dishes and share the excellence of taste! Take advantage of our promotion to live a unique gastronomic experience with "Tortora Egg" by Andrea Tortora Patissier and Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your table.

Promotion valid until April 10th.