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Physical improvement

We are what we eat
Le Prandine particularly believes in this sentence. This is why it is extremely important to choose quality products that support us during physical activity and bring well-being to our body. Tradition never abandons us and it is precisely that of extra virgin olive oil that allows us to fight oxidative stress. Evo oil is important for athletes because it guarantees the supply of nutrients typical of the natural product. How many times have we heard about the importance of nutrition in sport. Our body is the main actor of both aspects: what we eat is closely linked to ourselves.

Extra virgin olive oil and sport
Olive oil is indicated both for those who train at an amateur level and for those who carry out physical activity at a competitive level. There are many types of oils that are used by those who carry out physical activity, but EVO oil is the most used thanks to: its balanced composition the excellent level of antioxidant substances The Evo Veneto oil is presented as reliable and optimal, among the most appreciated oils, both for taste and for quality, determined by organoleptic characteristics characterized by an influence of the microclimate of the lake, qualitatively higher than the average on the market.

In the Mediterranean diet
The Mediterranean diet is the synthesis of the cultural and food habits that have been handed down over the course of history by the various civilizations residing in the regions close to the Mediterranean Sea. Among the foods of the Mediterranean diet notes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certainly the undisputed king. The Mediterranean diet consists of a mix of foods, combined in such a particular way as to provide all the essential nutrients for a healthy life. The role of olive oil, the healthiest fat known, is necessary, since it is the fundamental food around which most of the dishes of the Mediterranean diet are made. Let's find out in detail which are the basic foods of the Mediterranean diet and the role of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet.

For health and well-being
EVO oil has been an object of interest for the study of correct nutrition for many years. The oil is therefore a food to integrate for the improvement of the daily diet; provides the body with essential substances for various purposes. Below we find out which ones:
  • Improves stomach activity
  • It intervenes positively in digestion
  • Rapid emptying of the stomach
  • Reduces gastric acidity
  • Promotes gallbladder activity
  • Facilitates the digestion of fats in the intestine"