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Designed for the delicate skin of newborns, this collection of baby care products combines gentle and effective formulas made up of natural and nutrient-rich ingredients, to pamper and give well-being to little ones and their parents.

The Piccolè Collection can be used by all members of the family, and in general by those with delicate or stressed skin in need of attention.

The exquisite and natural ingredients that make up the each formula in the Piccolè collection, such as pure plant-based oils, vitamins and extracts, are ideal for daily use and help maintain the natural balance of newborn and sensitive skin. 

The eco-sustainable Piccolè collection is entirely "Made in Italy". It is entirely free of artificial colours and fragrances.

All the products use the prized Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the vast Le Prandine estate, guaranteeing the highest quality and all the natural benefits of Italian virgin olive oil.


The PICCOLÈ Collection consists of three products: