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Our mission is to offer a product of high craftsmanship and first excellence. A product capable of gathering the powerful active ingredients of our precious DOP oil, skilfully combining them with those of other selected ingredients.

For us, "craftsmanship" means care and attention in every production phase. Our pickles are handcrafted by laboratories chosen with dedication and in line with our values.


We develop and produce our products in Italy, using 100% Italian ingredients mixed by gastronomic experts and food consultants, following and often amplifying the very concept of Made in Italy with pride and pride.


We only produce high quality products, and to do so we choose only the best ingredients and excellent suppliers. We follow innovative production processes and respect strict production protocols. We voluntarily pursue objectives with high quality standards to achieve and offer excellence.


No intensive cultivation or land exploited by big industry, we have selected suppliers and collaborators who are passionate and respectful of the balance between man and nature. Our products are the result of a production process in harmony with the world.


We prefer to replace the word sustainability, which is widely used these days, with the term responsibility. A principle that brings us back to different types of ecosystems in which a process of reworking of natural, energy, and even human resources takes place. Non-invasive production processes are now essential for a business like ours. In fact, the next level was the collaboration with the social cooperative La Fraternità of Rimini, which speaks for itself of sensitivity with respect to the most important sustainability of these times, the human one.

We believe that the environmental balance must be respected and protected, for this reason, both in the production of our DOP oil and in the production of our pickles, we aim for a circular and completely sustainable economy, without losing it in terms of quality and effectiveness. The products are all made, tested and certified in accredited external laboratories. We scrupulously follow all the most up-to-date protocols on the subject, to guarantee respectful recipes and creations.

A balanced mix of precious quality vegetables, skilfully combined and chosen,
which orbit synergistically around a single precious gem: our oil.

Linea Sottoli Le PrandineLinea Sottoli Le Prandine
“Excellent quality, precious ingredients, bright colors and scents. For a very Italian table ritual, to inebriate the senses."
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