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protected designation of origin

Antonio Volani - Technical consultant - A.I.P.O.
Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil Le Prandine has unique organoleptic characteristics in the world given precisely by the main truth, Casaliva from a sensory point of view we have a part of fruity that goes from light to medium with herbaceous aromatic sensations and green almond; to the taste we then find a bitter and spicy sensation well balanced, so Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil Le Prandine has a unique balance in the world that can be combined with many
dishes of Italian cuisine and tradition.

Lake Gard D.O.P. Extra virgin olive oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts the Protected Designation of Origin (also known as DOP) and stands out for its naturally delicate flavour and elegance.
Garda DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil is recognized for the harmony of its organoleptic notes and for its light and balanced aromas: the aromas that make it unique are those of fresh grass, aromatic herbs, hayand artichoke, combined with the typical almond aftertaste.
The olives intended for the production of extra virgin olive oil with Protected Designation of Origin “Garda” come from the olive-growing territories of the provinces of Brescia, Verona, Mantua and Trento.
When consumed, Garda DOP oil has the following features:
  • colour from green to yellow more or less intense
  • medium fruity smell or light
  • fruity flavour, sweet notes and a typical almond after taste.

    Maximum acidity in oleic acid established by the specification.

Garda DOP Oil

In 1997 Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained the recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin -  Denominazione di Origine Protetta  from the European Union. Only Garda DOP oil has the characteristics of guaranteed typicality: the words “Garda DOP” can only be placed on the label by producers in the supply chainwho have complied with the production specifications and the related control plan.

Extra virgin olive oil,  Made in Italy

Le Prandine develops and produces its products in Italy following and often amplifying the very concept of Made in Italy.
Our olive grove is located in the town of Prandine di Torri del Benaco, totally overlooking Lake Garda which allows an enhancement of its organoleptic characteristics.

Our Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil is only manufactured with handcrafted techniques

Le Prandine stands out for its entirely artisanal production and limited circulation that allows you to carefully select the olives and allow total attention to the life and development of the olive grove.
For us, craftsmanship means following through our experts every production phase, from the care of the olive tree, carried out entirely by hand by our master gardeners, to the harvesting and selection phase that is carried out by hand as per tradition by our experts.
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