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Sala&Cucina Editorial November 2023

Sala&Cucina Editorial November 2023

Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio celebrates the excellence of Le Prandine Olive Oil as an Italian symbol; Le Prandine's Garda DOP Olive Oil is the heart of Mediterranean cuisine and the culinary art of Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio of the Aroma Restaurant in Rome.

The Italian gastronomic world is known for its richness of flavors and unique culinary traditions. Among Italian excellences, Olive Oil represents a fundamental pillar, and no place better embodies its quality and authenticity than Torri del Benaco, like Le Prandine. This location, situated on the shores of Lake Garda, is famous for producing Olive Oil that has been considered a true gastronomic treasure for generations.

Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio, renowned for his prestigious Aroma restaurant located in front of the Colosseum in Rome, has chosen to be the ambassador of this Italian excellence. During a recent visit to Le Prandine, he expressed his love and deep respect for Le Prandine Olive Oil, emphasizing the crucial role it plays in Mediterranean cuisine and the Italian diet.

"We are here to witness an excellence of our territory: Le Prandine Olive Oil," says Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio. "What can I say about Olive Oil... I believe it is the engine of healthy and wholesome food, it is part of Mediterranean cuisine, our diet, and it is part of our DNA. I am here to taste it and to testify once again that excellence exists, especially if it is Italian."

Le Prandine Olive Oil is produced with passion and dedication, following traditional methods that enhance the unique characteristics of olives grown on the hills of Garda. This DOP oil is known for its rich, fruity, and balanced flavor, making it the ideal ingredient for many Italian and international recipes.

The Ambassador of Italianità and Mediterranean Cuisine, Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio, brings Le Prandine Olive Oil to Rome, incorporating it into his dishes at the Aroma Restaurant. The collaboration between Le Prandine and the Chef is a perfect blend of territorial and culinary excellence, an opportunity for food enthusiasts to discover the magic of Garda DOP Olive Oil.

Le Prandine is proud to share with the world the authenticity and tradition of Garda DOP Olive Oil, thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio and the Sala&Cucina Editorial Team, dedicating page 83 of the November 2023 Editorial to Le Prandine. This partnership is a celebration of Italian Olive Oil and the culinary art that makes it a focal point in the creation of extraordinary dishes. With the commitment of both, the future of Le Prandine oil shines even brighter.

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Le Prandine Olive Oil,
an Italian delicacy
certified by
Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio 
of the Aroma Restaurant