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Sala&Cucina Editor October 2023

Sala&Cucina Editor October 2023

LOVE, HARMONY and SOFTNESS: these three words summarize the essence of Le Prandine, an agricultural company that has made the production of oil its creed.

This year, we at Le Prandine have taken our mission of enhancing the main product, Olive Oil, to a higher level thanks to our very high quality Line of Inoils.

Love for the land, tradition and the production of olive oil have always been at the center of Le Prandine's vision; our passion for growing olives, harvesting and pressing with artisanal methods, have made our oil one of the most renowned in the region; but now, this passion also extends to the creation of exceptional pickles.

Our line of pickles is the result of a constant commitment to guarantee maximum quality and freshness; each ingredient has been carefully selected, thanks to valuable partners, and each step of the preparation process is carried out with particular care.
This attention to quality translates into pickles that preserve the taste and texture of fresh products, giving a true explosion of flavor with every taste.

But harmony is what really distinguishes our Sottoli; each combination of ingredients is designed to create a perfect balance of flavors and aromas.
We at Le Prandine know that food is a form of art and, through our line of Subli, we want to bring this art directly to your table.
The combination of fresh ingredients, such as mushrooms, peppers, aubergines, and other nature's delights, with our precious Olive Oil, gives life to an extraordinary taste harmony.

The delicacy with which Le Prandine treats its products translates into pickles that maintain the original consistency and flavor of the ingredients; each pickled oil is carefully prepared to preserve freshness and fragrance, so that you can enjoy the true flavor of nature.

In this way, we at Le Prandine continue our mission to enhance Olive Oil, offering a line of products that reflects the love, harmony and delicacy that have always been at the center of our way of seeing things. .
Every taste of our Sottoli takes those who taste them on a journey with an authentic character, from their table directly to the splendid shores of Lake Garda.

Discover our pickles line:
In Torri del Benaco
among the olive trees in bloom
Le Prandines give us a gift
valuable flavours
Fine EVO oils and delicious pickles
in a tasting
for curious palates