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Showcooking with Sala&Cucina and Chef Stefano Zanini

Showcooking with Sala&Cucina and Chef Stefano Zanini
In this meeting between Le Prandine Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chef Stefano Zanini, the procedure for preparing a 100% Lake Garda dish will be shown. The Chef has created a recipe that in the past was a real challenge for him: to propose raw lake fish.

The event is elegantly conducted by Luigi Franchi, director of Sala e Cucina magazine, in the fabulous residence Le Prandine by Giovanni Morselli, an enchanting villa in the homonymous locality, which overlooks Lake Garda, in Torri del Benaco.

The scenery, nestled between the lake and olive trees, has recently been enriched by large citrus plantations, which have awakened the senses of Chef Stefano Zanini, who grew up among the scents of his native land, has always been linked to childhood memories and to the love of citrus fruits. Our lemons in particular made him fall in love even more with our land and with our oil, creating a combination of extreme freshness on his plate.

Where have you already heard of Chef Stefano Zanini?

The kitchen of the MoS Restaurant, in Desenzano del Garda, is admirably directed by Chef Stefano Zanini (stefano_zanini_mos). A cuisine not only from the lake, but from the whole area that surrounds it, from the shores of Lake Garda to the Bergamo hills. The key word in his creations is balance, which can be seen in the recipe for Le Prandine. The Chef follows the path of the moment without limits, that of taste and the continuous refinement of the perfect ingredient. In studying the latter, he focused on our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a material with a flavor of responsibility and sustainability, two values that the Chef also fully espouses.
Discover with us what extra virgin olive oil and Chef Stefano Zanini have in common!
Luigi Franchi
Site Manager

Stefano Zanini
Ristorante MOS

Recipe - Lake Trout
Ingredients and Preparation