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Showcooking with Sala&Cucina and Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio

The Show Cooking

The Show Cooking

Show Cooking is a possibility for the Chef to show his versatility in the most diverse contexts and to bring his cuisine outside his walls, but above all, it is an opportunity for a Brand to be highlighted by the words of a true professional in the field, and for the product to be described in the most elegant way there is.
This meeting between Le Prandine Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chef Giuseppe di Iorio is an extraordinary event in which the Chef will create a recipe made to measure for us, with an ingredient that will be the star.
The format is conducted in an excellent way by the figure of Luigi Franchi, director of Sala&Cucina magazine, in the fabulous residence Le Prandine by Giovanni Morselli, an enchanting villa overlooking Lake Garda, in Torri del Benaco.

Where have you already heard of Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio?

If there is an image of Rome that embodies the rebirth of Roman restaurants and Italian hospitality, after the two difficult years of the pandemic, it is Palazzo Manfredi, embraced by the warmth of the Colosseum, overlooked by the restaurant led by Giuseppe Di Iorio (chefdiiorio), Executive Chef of "Aroma" since 2010, who with the Michelin star conquered in 2014 and reconfirmed over the years, continues to work tirelessly and to seek ever more creative and personal stimuli for his cuisine.
In the search for an extra virgin olive oil for his dishes, he lingered on us, at Le Prandine, on Lake Garda. Here where one of the most characteristic olive oils of the peninsula is produced, Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio has been able to elegantly contextualize his gourmet taste to our agriculture, giving life to a very particular recipe... Discover it!
Luigi Franchi
Site Manager

Giuseppe Di Iorio
Ristorante AROMA

Recipe - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ravioli
Ingredients and Preparation