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the best lake garda oil

The best Garda olive oil

Talking about the best oil produced in the Garda territory means talking about the Le Prandine company.
The best oil from Lake Garda is a territorial excellence offered to lovers of the best olive oils and is made of high quality thanks to the peculiarities offered by the territory of Lake Garda.
The high properties of Garda oil are guaranteed by the limited circulation of the olives with which they are produced that make Le Prandine oil the best oil present in the Garda territory.
With its filtered, unfiltered products with a protected designation of origin, the company is committed to maintaining the title of best among the oils of the Garda territory thanks to the flavours and fragrances that make its product characteristic and therefore privilege the exclusivity of the Garda.
Le Prandine offers different sizes and prices for every consumer looking for the best Garda oil.
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