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choosing olive oil

Choosing olive oil

It is important to know how to choose the olive oil. Some characteristics can only be deduced from tasting, such as the high presence of polyphenols, which causes the sensation of tingling (spiciness) in the mouth, but we can get much information from the bottle label. First of all, let's make sure that the chosen bottles are dark, because if continuously exposed to light, the extra virgin olive oil undergoes an oxidative process, that causes the oil rancid; then we prefer glass or earthenware (argil) bottles because they are better for storage. In addition, the label also gives us a lot of information, such as the year of bottling, the expiration date and the origin of the olives, finding "from Ccmmunity olives" means that the oil is produced with olives from different countries, if instead it's preferable the traceability, search the DOP and IGP label.