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garda dop

Garda D.O.P.

Olive oil with Garda DOP certification from Le Prandine, the derivation of raw materials from Garda territories.
The Garda DOP designation allows Le Prandine to exploit the origin of its products to offer protection to the consumer, guaranteeing high quality and defining the origin controlled and protected by the Garda territories.
The DOP certification allows the Garda oil producer, Le Prandine, to differentiate the uniqueness of the aromas of the materials of its plants present in the Garda territories.
The freshness of the territories of Lake Garda means that oils with a protected designation of origin are preferred daily by consumers of oil in purchases made in the territory of the Garda and not. The Garda DOP is a certification that guarantees olive oil customers the careful selection made on Garda products that Le Prandine carries out throughout the production chain.
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