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lake garda typical products

Lake Garda Typical products

The Lake Garda area is extremely rich in typical food and wine products, thanks to the variety of the territory itself, which guarantees a mild climate on the shores of the lake, a mountain climate in the Trentino areas, and hilly in the Veronese area. This variety gives life to numerous excellences, such as "carne salada" from Trentino, the typical cheeses of Brescia, the wines that cover every area of Veneto and the incredibles varieties of lake fishes. But one of the most rapresentative element however is the extra virgin olive oil. That one of Lake Garda is recognized all over the world, with DOP Presidium, it's one of the oldest productions in the lake area, and here we can find typical "cultivars" or native species of olive trees. This makes us understand how deeply rooted the presence of these plants is in the area, and consequently, of extra virgin olive oil. 
The Garda olive oil goes perfectly with all the typical products of the area, thanks to its light-medium fruity sensory characteristics it matches with both the more decisive flavors, for example, of "carne salada", seasoned (aged) cheeses and with the delicate white meats or lake fish, such as Pike (Luccio) and Perch (Persico).
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