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torri del benaco

Torri del Benaco

The origins of Torri del Benaco go back in time. Some artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age and traces of pile-dwelling (stilt houses) settlements have been found.
Along with the human settlements, signs of their cultivation were found, including olive trees. In fact, the olive trees growing in the Lake Garda area has been practiced since ancient time. In Torri del Benaco the olive tree was already present in the first century BC, developing over time a particular ecotype: the Casaliva. From the 5th century, the Torri del Benaco territory was crossed by a transhumance activity: the shepherds coming from the plain (lowland) and heading to Monte Baldo, came to this area to trade.
The Lake Garda olive oil was used by the villagers to preserve the lake fish and it was among the main trade goods, it was in fact bartered with cheeses, animals and meat of shepherds in transhumance.