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Valentine's Day Promotion on Cosmetic Le Prandine

We Remove Shipping Costs on the Entire Cosmetic Line

We are happy to announce a special Valentine's Day promotion on its new Cosmetic Line based on our fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
Valentine's Day Promotion on Cosmetic Le Prandine

Starting today, Wednesday 8 February, up to and including Friday 17 February, we are offering you FREE SHIPPING on all Cosmetic Line products, offering you to save on delivery costs for Valentine's Day. Allow yourself the opportunity to give or have the cosmetic excellence of "Le Prandine" as a gift at no additional cost.

The Bioluxe Cosmetic Line and the Botaniluxe Line have been created with organic and natural ingredients for the care of adult skin; the Piccolé Line for children is developed for the treatment of the delicate and sensitive skin of the little ones. All products are enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by "Le Prandine".
All "Le Prandine" products are designed, formulated and produced 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Take advantage of the promotion valid only until Friday 17 February by saving on shipping.

Enjoy the benefits of our "Le Prandine" Cosmetic Line.